Monday, 21 October 2013

Laughter is good for the soul

We know laughing is the best medicine! Let's do more of it. When you're having a bad day, take a few minutes to find something that makes you laugh. :)

What about this one?

Here's another great idea: These are the gloves I got from Dollarama ($2). They make me smile every time I start to wash dishes. What better way to start household chores than with a smile?! I have a different pair of gloves for bathroom cleaning. What a great reminder as I'm doing mundane chores!

ALSO! With winter coming, you may find there are gloomy, dark days where you're stuck inside. Depending on your house/apmt, you might find it dark and gloomy inside too! A helpful tip for us and for the kids (so they are energetic too) is to turn on a bunch of lights. You might be thinking "duh" or you might be thinking "That's a waste of energy". Try thinking "Such a teeny tiny difference in my bill keeping the lights on all over my house is worth every penny when it comes to keeping my sanity"!! Seriously turn on lights you don't think you need. It takes away that blah feeling of walking into a dark room. It's just for a day or two until the sun comes back out again!

Here's a great organizational idea :

This has worked fabulously for me both as a mom and also for running 1-2-3 Childcare. I bought this pack of small sticky labels at Walmart for about $2. There are enough to last awhile! I use them to label everything. It keeps my life so much more organized! Mostly I use them to label sippy cups!! One of my babies can't drink milk and another doesn't like this and one is sick and can't share their cup, etc, etc, etc. I quickly print the first letter of each kid name on a bunch of stickers. Then they are ready to be used throughout the week. When I give each kid their sippy cup, there's a label. When they're finished with the cup it goes in the fridge for later (depending). A few hours later when they want to finish their drinks, I know exactly who owns what without having to think! ;) I also use it to indicate my husband's lunches or anything with Strawberry's (another baby is allergic). If a child doesn't finish their lunch, use a sticky to label it. It's super easy, already prepared and they come off easily too.

Maybe these tips will give you a new perspective this coming week?!?! I hope so!

Mucho amor,


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