Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Did You Know? : Hydro Ottawa

No one likes to receive a bill. Especially when that bill is higher than you expect. Hydro Ottawa has a Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing system where they charge you differently for peak and off hours throughout the day. You should receive this information in the mail. If not, you can find that info here :

Now, I thought I was doing my part by running my major appliances (dishwasher, dryer, etc) after 7pm and on weekends. I was excited to get a bill that was going to be so low it would be a joke! Ha! Much to my surprise...our Hydro bills were going UP instead of down!! Ahh!

I came to learn this little piece of helpful information which will also help you bring down your own bill.

Hydro does in fact keep track of your usage during off periods but it is recorded in such a way where your electricity consumption is totaled at any given moment. You will be billed for your peak amount.

Remember math class?! Here's where that will finally come in handy! Picture a line chart. When you start your dishwasher there is a spike in electricity use (kWh). Later in the evening your dishwasher has finished and you start your clothes washer. There is another peak on the chart. Similar to the one when you started your dishwasher. But if you're like me, 7:05pm hits and you run around the house starting all your appliances at once. One load of laundry in the washer, another in the dryer and the dishwasher is on a timer to start at the same time. Here's the problem. All these appliances starting at the same time create a MAJOR peak in your electricity use. You will then be billed at this peak usage (kWh) for the remainder of the time your appliances are running. 

The key is to start start a second appliance while the previous appliance is slowing down (near the end of its cycle). Or spread out your chores across various days. There are further tips on how to lower your energy consumption here :  http://www.hydroone.com/TOU/Pages/Default.aspx

Good luck!

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