Thursday, 30 January 2014

THE KISS BOX: Valentines Day Activities

I run an in-home daycare and I came up with this fun project for the kids to make and take home to their parents. I'll share it with you in case you'd like to give it a try! This can be made by any age (with adult help) and is great for grandparents, parents, daycare parents, whoever you love!

This craft was inspired by this book. I read it to my daycare kids before we made our craft. You can find it at your local library. 


Supplies Suggested:

  • Child friendly paint / paint brushes
  • Smocks for protecting surfaces. (I used a garbage bag to protect the highchair) 
  • A paintable box
  • Clothes Pins
  • Construction paper
  • Decorative heart stickers
  • Access to a printer OR write out letter by hand

How to Make Your Kiss Box:

I gave all my daycare kids a wooden box and paints from Dollarama. I just let them go at it! They creatively painted the outside (sometimes the inside...sigh) of the wooden boxes. Put them aside to dry.

Here is my youngest son painting his box!

Our boxes has a place in the front to put a picture so I cut out a heart shape of red construction paper and wrote "The Kiss Box". I also added a little 3D heart sticker for added decoration. You can be creative here depending on your box type. This box turned out a little sloppy because my kids are so young. But they had fun and that's what matters!!

Then I gave each child a few 3D heart stickers to put on clothes pins. We did 8 clothes pins per box to make it look full. You can decide numbers based on how big your box is.

I then gave the kids a pen and helped them write out XOXO on small pieces of construction paper. My kids are between 16 mos and 2.6 years. This part requires your help but it's still something they are proud to show off.

I put a handful of XOXO papers on the bottom of the box and topped it off with 8 decorated clothes pins holding XOXO papers.

The BEST part is the letter explaining what The Kiss Box is. Unfortunately my template was deleted so I cannot give you that BUT I will type below whats on the letter. You can copy and print as long as you keep the citation!

“But where will I keep your kisses so they don’t get lost?”

Mama bear smiled. “ I will give you a special jar.” She said. I will fill it with a hundred kisses. 
Every time you need a kiss, just open the jar, and a kiss will fly from me to you.”

Whenever they are apart they keep their kiss boxes close. Do you know why?

So they can send kisses back and forth, no matter where they are.

Together or apart, their love goes on and on…

                                Book: The Kiss Box by Verburg & Cole

In addition to this craft we all worked together to make Valentines cupcakes to take home. Everyone took turns pouring and stirring and of course they loved throwing sprinkles onto the cupcakes! Why celebrate Valentines Day in January you ask? Because I will be taking vacation over Valentines. Hey, it worked out lovely so I can show you our finished products! 

Mucho Amor, 

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